May 14, 2018



Establishing pyrolysis kinetics for the modelling of the flammability and burning characteristics of solid combustible materials
Authors: A.C.Y. Yuen, T.B.Y. Chen, G.H. Yeoh, W. Yang, S.C.P. Cheung, M. Cook, B. Yu, Q. N. Chan, H.L. Yip
A generic framework was proposed to effectively characterise the pyrolysis kinetics of any household furniture materials. To examine the validity of this method, two wooden polymeric samples, (1) furniture plywood and (2) particle board, were experimented through thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses, as well as cone calorimetry.


Numerical study of the development and angular speed of a small-scale fire whirl
Authors: A.C.Y. Yuen, G.H. Yeoh, S.C.P. Cheung, Q.N. Chan, T.B.Y. Chen, W. Yang, H. Lu
The development stages of a small-scale fire whirl including the ignition, flame-rising and  fully-developed whirling were successfully captured ...


Predicting the fire spread rate of a sloped pine needle board utilizing pyrolysis modelling with detailed gas-phase combustion
Authors: T.B.Y. Chen, A.C.Y. Yuen, C. Wang, G.H. Yeoh, V. Timchenko, S.C.P. Cheung, Q.N. Chan, W. Yang
A novel Large Eddy Simulation (LES) based fire field model that incorporates pyrolysis modelling has been developed ...


Numerical study of fire spread using the level-set method with large eddy simulation incorporating detailed chemical kinetics gas-phase combustion model
Authors: T.B.Y. Chen, A.C.Y. Yuen, G.H. Yeoh, V. Timchenko, S.C.P. Cheung, Q.N. Chan, W. Yang, H. Lu
A fire code has been developed for the purpose of modelling wildland fires via Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and the use of the level-set approach to track the flame front ...


Comparison of detailed soot formation models for sooty and non-sooty flames in an under-ventilated ISO room
Authors: A.C.Y. Yuen, G.H. Yeoh, V. Timchenko, T.B.Y. Chen, Q.N. Chan, C. Wang, D.D. Li
In fire simulations, it is essential to include detailed chemical kinetics for the description of the combustion process where intermediate chemical products ...