November 15, 2017



Six focused projects have been identified in consultation with CSIRO and 13 other Partner Organisations (POs) to target key knowledge gaps and industry’s needs as well as to deliver the highest return-on-investment. Both fundamental and applied research will be conducted under the four core thematic research areas to tackle the critical challenges facing our POs.


Nanotechnology and bio-inspired flame retardants

Novel strategies to combine nano-particles with existing flame retardants through nano-filter technology.

Micro engineering flame retardants

Improving the mechanisms of flame retardancy through the combination of nanocomposites with existing flame retardants.


Integrating flame retardants with structural materials

durable nano-coatings to produce strong, dense, crack-free flame-retarding surface layers to protect insulating structural materials.


Multi-scale computational models for fire propagation

Multi-scale computational models that capture the flammability properties, thermal degradation, and combustion characteristics of advanced lightweight materials and structures.

Innovative fire suppression and fire control approaches

Develop innovative fire suppression systems as well as practical fire control strategies.


Human behavioural models for crowd movement

Investigate how the evacuation of people in the event of building fire is affected by the human behavioural response to a fire situation subject to the burning of lightweight materials.

Fire testing and Standards

Establish new fire tests and standards to ensure that more robust fire safety provisions are provided for advanced materials and applications.

Fire Safety of Lithium-ion Batteries

Modelling & characterisation of flaming and explosion behaviours and updating fire standards for battery energy storage systems.