January 5, 2018

Fire testing and standards

Currently, there is no existing building regulation in Australia to restrict combustible cladding materials for external walls. In partnership with Standards Australia, the fire centre will be involved in the evaluation and development of new fire testings and standards for lightweight materials and structures as well as advanced non-toxic and durable fire retardant coatings and materials.
This project aims to develop a full-scale fire testing framework which incorporates multi-scale combustibility of advanced lightweight structures subject to real fire environments. Full scale fire tests will be performed to comprehensively determine not only the heat release rates during the burning of lightweight structures but also the lethal levels of asphyxiant gases (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide) and the levels of smoke particles causing serious respiratory complications that would be emitted from lightweight materials. By testing under more realistic fire conditions to estimate the transient fire growth, we will establish new fire tests that enable more accurate assessments of the impact of heat and flame on structures.