November 16, 2017

Human behavioural models for crowd movement

With the rapidly increasing number of mega-capacity high-rises buildings are being to accommodate this fast-growing population worldwide. This social development inevitably leads to an unprecedented level of crowd density, which inevitably raises the concerns of the associated safety risk to the building occupants when accidents happen. Consequently, ensuring an effective crowd evacuation in cases of emergencies is a key objective for fire safety engineering design. This project aims to investigate the crowd evacuation dynamics in the event of a building fire as well as human behavioural responses to the developing fire products. We developed a microscopic fire evacuation model based on the agent-based approach, which offers the flexibility for designing evacuation plans as well as evaluating the safety performance (i.e., evacuation time, occupant density level and exit flow rate, etc.) in the evacuation.



Case study of office scenario

Case study of cinema scenario