Vehicle Burning Experiments

On 17th-21st October 2019, three PhD students from our Centre took a fire investigation experiment with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) in Londonderry. All the students trained their skills, such as hands-on skill and problem-solving skill, during this live fire testing. With this opportunity, they were involved in the whole process of the experiment from setting up to the execution, as well as taking some measurements on temperature recording, water consumption and gas analysis.

Through the experiments, different ignition scenarios were also investigated, and the details are list below:

1) Center console ignition in the area of the passenger foot area to simulation a continuous burning odour problem with the vehicle that the mechanic cannot find;

2) Ignition in the engine compartment near the power distribution fuse block to simulate an electrical failure;

3) Ignition at the rear of the driver seat to simulate a child playing with a lighter in an unattended vehicle;

4) Ignitable liquid pour on the driver seat, incendiary fire for owner insurance fraud;

5) Ignition in the rear cargo area to simulate an electrical failure in the rear of the vehicle.

“I learned a lot from this opportunity and I really appreciated that. This is my first time to see the real car fire,” quoted from our ARC Fire Training Centre student, Mr Hengrui Liu.

After the experiment, all the raw data were collected. The experimental results will be processed and analysed in the near future. For further information about this experiment, please see our follow-up news.