September 7, 2020

Mr Wenmu YANG


Wenmu Yang is a PhD Candidate at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia. He received his Bachelor of Material Engineering Degree in 2014 in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). In 2019, he finished his Master by Research Degree in UNSW. Currently supervised by Prof. Chun Wang and Prof Guan Heng Yeoh, his research focuses on bio-flame retardant composites.

Project Involvement

Surface modification and bio-flame retardant composites


2010/09 – 2014/07

2017/09 – 2019/12

2020/01 – present

Degree/Job Title

Bachelor of Material Engineering

Master of Engineering

PhD of Mechanical Engineering

Selected Publications

Yang, W., et al., Nanoparticles of polydopamine for improving mechanical and flame-retardant properties of an epoxy resin. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2020. 186: p. 107828. DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesb.2020.107828