Formulating an informative database for flame retarded materials

Recently, we have successfully developed a systematic framework to extract key pyrolysis kinetics for wood-based materials (DOI: 10.1177/0734904118800907). We can utilize these kinetics into our fire simulation models to gain more understanding of the burning characteristics of solid combustibles. From there, we are now aiming to further characteristic the morphological structure and detailed gas volatile releases applying advanced laboratory equipment within the ARC Fire Training Center. If successful, for the first time, it will formulate an informative database for a selective range of materials applied for building and constructions, furniture and external facade.

Kinetic data formulated by the proposed framework for selective wooden samples

Ri Ei Ai ni ci
FURNITURE PLYWOOD R1 1.65E+05 6.00E+13 1 0.2859
R2 2.10E+05 2.43E+16 1 0.6654
R3 1.72E+05 8.11E+11 1 0.0488
PARTICLE BOARD R1 1.55E+05 2.88E+14 1 0.1621
R2 1.80E+05 4.21E+14 1 0.3406
R3 1.76E+05 1.26E+13 1 0.3887
R4 1.90E+05 1.14E+13 1 0.1086


Numerical simulation utilising the established pyrolysis kinetics

Experimental images taken from cone calorimeter experiment