Nano architectured halloysite nanotubes enable advanced composite separator for safe lithium metal batteries

The uncontrollable growth of lithium dendrites may pierce through polymer separators and induce safety concerns. Our recent work published in Chemical Engineering Journal reveals that in contrast to Monroe-Newman theory, a composite separator with only high Young's modulus can hardly retard the growth of lithium dendrites, as high ion conductivity also plays a crucial role in promoting the even distribution of lithium ions, which can effectively suppress the germination of lithium whiskers.

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Schematic illustration of the growth of lithium dendrites and long-term cycling performance. Schematic image of lithium dendrites for batteries with (a) commercial Celgard separator and (b) OPVA/NHNTs separator. TEM images of (c, d) HNTs and (e, f) NHNTs collected after Li||Cu cycling process.