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Call for New PhD Candidates

  • New Knowledge on green and durable fire retardant materials and structures
  • advanced fire models for urban and built environment
  • Development of novel fire suppression technologies
  • Reduced-scale and full-scale flammability testings for compliance with fire safety regulatory standards.


Competitive Advantage

  • Strong strategic partnerships and collaborationswithin universities, government bodies and domestic and global industries in fire safety.
  • Accelerate the transformation of Australian industries towards material and product developments of fire retardant materials and structures.
  • Creation of new Standards to ensure high-level fire safety regulatory standards are attained.


Recent research projects

  • Development of green and durable fire retardant materials and coatings for building claddings and lightweight structures.
  • modelling of fire propagation and evacuation of occupants on maritime platforms
  • Probabilistic and risk assessments to building fires and big data analytics for fire safety.


UK Grenfell Tower Fire in 2017

Melbourne Lacrosse Tower Fire in 2014 Photograph: MFB











Successful applications

  • Quakers Hill nursing home fire, Fire and Rescue NSW.
  • Risk characterisations of building claddings via big data analytics, Finance, Services & Innovation NSW.


Facilities and infrastructure

  • Access to a range of bench-top and full-scale experimental equipment and facilities which entail:
    (i)   multi-scale flammability assessments with realistic fire conditions;
    (ii)  detail measurement of fire effluents including gas toxicity, smoke density and particles.


For more information

Professor Guan Heng Yeoh
T: +61 2 9385 4099
E: g.yeoh@unsw.edu.au